Integrated Internet marketing is no longer about running a simple website. Even US President Obama employed an Integrated Internet strategy in his 2008 Presidential campaign so maybe your company should also do the same.

Instead of a marketing strategy that based on only websites, we believe that your company needs an integrated Internet marketing strategy. Eall can help you develop an integrated Internet marketing strategy making use of a variety of marketing techniques available on the Internet. We are experts of integrated Internet marketing and together, we can make your brand name known all over the world via integrated Internet marketing.

Today, companies are spending millions on building their websites and promoting their websites. However only very few companies can be able to their money’s worth from this kind of marketing strategy.

For most companies, their internet marketing services including domain name registration, virtual hosting, website construction and website promotion are provided by ISP’s as their packaged services. These packaged services have generated a lot of business for ISP’s and other internet marketing companies, however they have not provided much value added for the companies that they are supposed to serve. The reason is simple, these ISP’s and internet marketing companies don’t understand the marketing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and their packaged services do not add value to their customers.

For example, in the current market, network advertising, competitive ranking, network name, internet keyword are hot topics for internet marketing. However these tools would not likely add much value to your marketing effort if they were not specifically designed and catered to your company’s particular needs. For many internet marketing companies and ISP’s, they would provide these services as a package without customizing to the needs of their individual clients. As a result, it is unlikely that their clients would get any real benefits from their services.
A truly cost- and- benefit effective internet marketing strategy must integrates the marketing techniques available on the internet with the marketing needs of the customers.

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