If you are...       
1. Proficient in c # language, familiar with the .net framework, with strong OOP thought, familiar with three layers framework, skillfully use VS2008 for project development;
2. Proficient in SqlServer, access database storing process; Proficient in js preferred;
3. Two years experience in project, with good code style and programming habit, dedication, and analytical, rigorous, good at communicating, cooperation and team spirit, good self-study ability;
4. Have certain understanding and opinions on user experience


If you are...       
1. Familiar with and understand the W3C standards, understand web2.0, familiar with XHTML, CSS, proficient in CSS + DIV layout, familiar with common development tools and testing tools such as Firebug, IE Developer Toolbar, etc.;
2. Proficient in HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript application to hand-write and modify the code, the different elements of CSS properties have a very strong awareness and understanding, skilled use of CSS + DIV for page layout, a browser-compatible design experience ;
3. Good maintenance and management of the page code, the code clear hierarchical structure to reduce the amount of redundant code;
4. Familiar flash production, flash data about interactions; familiar with the basic javascript, it could help programmers quickly implement the results page;
5. Understanding, and strong execution, good communication, team-oriented cooperation, will lead the art team to quickly complete the objectives and tasks;
6. Cut plans to meet the standard html-cut plans, such as in the design concept can be taken into account SEO;
7. Large-scale commercial or community type site development experience is preferred, to provide sophisticated business works, more than 3 years relevant work experience.

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